Pursuit of perfection

The history of Lideste

Italy is a beguiling symphony of scenic beauty and gripping drama: the shimmering water flowing through the heart of Venice, the narrow streets of Florence evoking its golden age, the charming villas tucked into steep cliffs along the coast of Amalfi, the marble mountains of Tuscany glistening as if covered with snow…

With marble quarries scattered along the landscape and with the Ligurian coastline in the background, the view from the Apuan Alps in Carrara is like nothing else. These are the same mountains the Romans, thousands of years ago, came to extract marble from.

The stone from Carrara became the signature of the Roman Empire, transforming Rome from a city made of bricks to the architectural icon it is today. The Carrara marble has been a symbol of elegance and refinement ever since.

The beauty of the stone lies in its imperfections since it is manufactured by nature only. Every piece of marble has therefore a character of its own, each with its unique veins running through. The pristine and translucent hue adds realism to sculptures, making them feel alive. With these qualities in mind, it is no wonder that the most acclaimed Italian artworks are made out of the stone from Carrara.

While facing giant marble blocks being extracted from the mountains, one cannot help but think how masterpieces, like David by Michelangelo, were even possible to make. This was the spark of creativity and inspiration that motivated us to create something of our own; something unique to be proud of and inspire others with.

It has always been a dream of ours to create our own timepieces. With the impelling inspirations arisen along the road and with the Carrara quarries still in the back of our minds, the idea of combining a watch with a piece of marble struck us.

At the drawing board, each detail was carefully designed to not steal attention from the marble but instead emphasize the beautiful patterns of the stone. With a dial carved out of Carrara marble and with leather shaped traditionally by Italian craftsmen, we decided that it was only right to combine these qualities with Swiss watchmaking.

The result is a Swiss made timepiece, minimal in its design to not distract attention from the Italian handcrafts. Since every piece of marble varies, each watch will have its own unique character.