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Italian craftsmanship & Swiss watchmaking

Prima Edizione

With marble quarried from the mountains in Carrara and with watch straps crafted according to Italian traditions, our Prima edizione captures the true spirit of Italy. Behind the handcrafts lie deep passion and dedication to perfect every detail. By combining these qualities from Italy with watchmaking from Switzerland, our collection pairs the best of both worlds. Since all marble dials are unique, an identical watch could never be made.



Handcrafted entirely out of Italian suede leather, each strap is a perfect combination of comfort and aesthetic. From prototyping to the final stitching, every step is fundamental to give the strap its characteristics. The slight tapering and padding of the watch band adds a touch of distinction while the sealing around the edges enhances its durability. Since every piece of leather ages differently, each strap develops its own unique look with time.

Contemporary Charm


Invented in Italy in the late 19th century, the Milanese strap is a audacious chemistry between timeless craftsmanship and modernity. Its lustrous appearance evokes refined Italian design while the woven steel wraps smoothly around the wrist. Both our leather and mesh straps consists of quick-release spring bars, which means that no tools are needed to interchange between the two.

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